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Tarot Therapy by Angela

Direction and Guidance through Tarot & Oracle


Meet Angela

Experienced Reader through the use of Tarot, Oracle & Intuition 

Sometimes we all need a little guidance and reassurance as to which path to take. The Tarot is a great tool, used over the centuries which helps us find that path. I am a skilled and intuitive reader who can help assist in matters of life, love, loss, growth, expansion and more. 

How to get your Reading & Communication


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Email is my primary mode of communication for your reading(s). I will reply to your question in the email provided. unless the reading you purchased was on ONLINE - Live reading 

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Online readings will be done with a platform of choosing between you and I.  I will then pull cards and interact with you in person for the time allotted. 

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Every now and then and by MY DISCRETION.  I may allow some texting back and forth in regards to the question (s) asked. THIS MUST BE pre-approved via an email communication and only after services have been paid for. 

What I Specialize In



Work & Career

Life Path


Energetic & Physical

White Structure

The answers are within each of us.  At times we may need a little help getting to them. Tarot speaks. Are you ready to listen?

Wow wow wow! This was exactly the clarity I needed. 

~Miranda M.

The reading was so in depth and personal! Angela knows what she is doing and explains the process as she goes. It was fun and informative.  

- Mandy R.

Your reading made me cry, it was so spot on. Thank you again.  

~Jessica B.



The Tarot cards have been in use since approximately the 1440's in Northern Italy.

Famous Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, CARL JUNG stated, "They are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents. They combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of events in the history of mankind."

Tarot is a form of divination that uses symbolism in card form that helps us tap into our unconscious self for our greater good.  As a reader, I use my experience and intuition providing guidance to the answers you seek.  Often this is experienced by the querent as an "AHA," or as a nudge  in a certain direction that will bring clarity to a particular situation and/or relationship.

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Readings Offered 

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